De-Zal E 1L Hand sanitizer WITHOUT pump (12 pieces)

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Product Description

Preparation for hygienic hand antiseptics in the food and gastronomy industries. Exhibits bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It has the ability to accumulate in the epidermis, which is characterized by a prolonged action (about 3 hours). It destroys microorganisms living in deeper layers of the skin, which are released from gloves, e.g. during treatments. Contains oiling and moisturizing substances, preventing dry hands and maintaining skin elasticity. PZH certificate no. HŻ / 3946/2007. The product has been dermatologically tested according to B22569 / 4973/10.

Application of De-Zal:

Contact with food (gastronomy, food industry).

Methods of use:

Hygienic hand disinfection: 3ml preparation; Leave to dry; Use as described on the label. The preparation should be rubbed in portions into dry hands for 30 seconds - this time is equivalent to a double repetition of the operation; Use without thinning;


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De-Zal E 1L Hand sanitizer WITHOUT pump (12 pieces)

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