Snow active foam (5 l)

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Active Snow Foam is an extra-efficient, concentrated and white washing foam, with a neutral pH, which is safe for all surfaces of your car.
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Product Description

Name: Active Foam Snow Foam
Code: SNOW/020


Active Foam Snow Foam is an extra powerful, concentrated and white washing foam, with a neutral pH, that is safe for all your car surfaces. The product has been designed to ensure safe and effective washing of cars protected with both waxes and quartz and ceramic coatings. Thanks to the unique Neutral Magic Foam formula, our carwash chemical is able to easily remove road dirt without worrying about damaging expensive and delicate car body elements, and the delicate cherry fragrance composition will make the whole cleaning process more pleasant.

There is no need to use the Neutral Magic Foam.

The product is designed for frequent car body washing. It is distributed by means of a special foaming gun. It is used in touchless car washes on the program “ACTIVE FoAM”


Recommended dosage
Pump APG 603 : 10-12%
Pump APG 800 : 5-7%
Dosatron/Mixrite : 0.2%


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Snow active foam (5 l)

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